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About Bangkok Thai

Bangkok, The City of Angels or “Krungthep” [กรุงเทพมหานคร] in Thai, is the capital city of Thailand and the hub for most of the commercial and economical activities of the Kingdom.

One of the most acclaimed exports of Thailand is the wide variety of its succulent cuisine. Whether hot and spicy, sweet and sour (or anything in between), the guiding principle behind each dish is to compliment harmony. Over the centuries Thai cuisine has developed into a happy combination of Eastern and Western influences turned into something uniquely Thai.

The main characteristics of Thai food will depend on many things – including; who prepares it, for whom it is cooked, what the occasion is, and the context in which it is prepared – so as to ideally suit all palates.

In the early days, Thai cuisine reflected the characteristics of its waterborne lifestyle. The main ingredients were aquatic animals, plants and herbs with larger chunks of meat or fish grilled on skewers. Later foreign influences introduced ‘bite size’ ingredients to Thai cooking and the use of only a fork and spoon for eating reflects this today.

Good Thai cuisine is rich in fresh ingredients and high fibre vegetables and mostly cooked over intense heat for a short time so as to retain much of their original flavour and nutriments.

Our Head chef, Apirak Marane (or A as he is known to his friends and regular customers) arrived in the UK almost fourteen years ago bringing with him years of delicate cooking talent which he acquired at a young age.

His experience and skill is reflected in the menu he has created for you at the Bangkok Thai Restaurant. It is a marriage of centuries old Oriental and European influences harmoniously combined with a unique taste. Full of colour and vibrancy where the ’high’ of the fresh ingredients is never disguised.

At the Bangkok Thai Restaurant it is our goal to always provide the very best in Thai cuisine in a special contemporary Oriental setting, giving our valued customers the most exciting and memorable dining experience outside of Asia.